Stage I



Breast cancer describes invasive breast cancer (cancer cells are breaking through to or invading normal surrounding breast tissue). Stage I breast cancer is evident, however still in the early stages of development. Breast cancer treated in Stage I is very treatable. The 5-year survival rate for breast cancer treated at Stage I is roughly 98%. Stage I breast cancer is divided into subcategories known as IA and IB.



describes invasive breast cancer in which:

stage 1a1STAGE IB

Describes invasive breast cancer in which:

stage 1b1

stage 1b2TREATMENT

Surgery for this stage of breast cancer is a standard. Since the tumor is still small this might be a lumpectomy, when just the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue are removed. In cases where the cancer has a higher risk of spreading women may have a partial or full mastectomy, in which part or all of the breast is removed. In either case, the surgeon will likely take out one or more of the lymph nodes. Treatment is also required after surgery, which may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or biological therapy.


  •   Invasive
  •   No tumor, or there is a tumor in the breast that is no larger than 2 centimeters
  •   No lymph nodes involved; or cancer cells within the lymph nodes are larger than 0.2 millimeter but not larger than 2 millimeters.
  •   The disease has not spread to the surrounding tissue of the breast


Click on the links below to learn more about each breast cancer stage.

Stage 0
Stage I
Stage II
Stage III
Stage IV


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